2017 Autumn group courses and events

New November Mind Spa Day - Mindfulness is fun! - date and venue to be confirmed.



Working in a group is a great way to achieve your goals as you will draw on the energy and support of like minded people who like you are there to learn and make positive changes to their lives.

My groups although dealing with serious issues are always fun, relaxing, inspirational and hopefully affordable, as working in a group allows me to keep costs down but the techniques are equally effective.

Don't forget I offer a one to one service so if you wish to come for a free consultation to discuss how I may help then please feel free to contact me here

Everyday Mindfulness with positivity journaling 

daytime and evening classes

This course has been postponed, if you would like to register an interest please contact me.

"99% of illness is not about biology or genes but as a result of stress" Bruce Lipton

Let go of stress, worry and ill health by learning to find peace, calm and contentment in the present moment through Mindfulness, Meditation and everyday awareness of all the good in your life.This is a gentle and easy introduction to Mindfulness and meditation

In this short course through everyday mindfulness exercises I will not only introduce you to the benefit of mindfulness and meditation but the concept capturing your positive emotions in a positivity journal. This is a positive psychology technique that incorporated with mindful awareness to give you and easy way to use the mindfulness in your daily lives and capture the awareness and pleasures in a journal.

So if you would like to feel happiness, satisfaction and contentment in all that you already have and to experience the simple pleasure of connecting your mind and body, with peace and without judgement to the present moment. Then join me on this Everyday mindfulness with positivity journaling course.

These techniques have been shown to make real positive physiological change by altering the brains structure, to increase resilience and resourcefulness and to overcome depression, anxiety and manage pain and chronic illness.

Places are very limited so please book and pay for your space now!

NB; classes are held at my home so numbers are limited to 6. per class

Pain Management and stress to success group courses starting in October details to follow call me on 0794 777 6425 for more details