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Hypnosis audio course for creating calm, confidence and abundant positivity - 6 hypnosis sessions for £47 + VAT

This hypnosis course will take you step by step through the process of taking control of your emotional wellbeing.

It starts by providing you with the tools to let go of anxiety and to create deep relaxation and acceptance of any situation. It then builds your confidence and positive beliefs before teaching you to be mindful, to tune into your mind and your body while letting go of fear, expectation, judgements and negative influences.

​This is stress relief for everyone, things we should all be doing in our daily lives, so whether you have deeper issues or would just like a nudge in the right direction this programme will help you.

This programme provides you with 7 simple techniques, taking 5-10minutes a day, learnt over 7 days, or longer if you choose. The aim is to incorporate each one into your daily activities until by the end of the week you have begun to do your daily life in a calmer, more conscious and controlled way, gaining greater pleasure and appreciation for both yourself and those around you.

​What it includes; 7 video lessons, e-book, audio guided exercises and meditations and 2 hypnosis sessions.

​Stress To Success in 7 Steps with Hypnosis

£87 + VAT

For more long term stress or anxiety issues this course incorporates the 7 simple steps programme but it uses weekly hypnosis sessions to create deeper healing and change. This course is most effective when done over 7 weeks not days.

​The Hypnotherapy sessions will address those deep seated unconscious thoughts, feeling and behaviours to make long term positive change. They will also give you extra day to day tools in the form of post hypnotic conditioned responses using anchors and affirmations to ensure you can have the right mind set whatever the situation or what you set out to achieve.

Bonus; add a one to one session for full emotional awareness and action plan​ to ensure you get the most out of this programme.

Normally £70 now only £50 - contact me to book​

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STOP your ANXIETY now!​ £97 + vat

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A comprehensive CBT and Hypnotherapy course giving you an abundance of techniques to stop panic and anxiety and to enable you to experience calm and confidence in any situation. Includes 4 full length hypnotherapy sessions plus much more.


FREE Mini Course - Understanding Anxiety

​This course gives you a preview of the first 2 modules of STOP Panic STAY Calm with some additional information. It also includes a breathing relaxation recording and a couple of meditation exercises as a bonus.


Stress to Success in 7 Simple steps for students £37.00 + VAT

full 7 steps process by video lessons and MP3 exercises and meditations plus 3 hypnosis recordings to ensure you can create a deep and lasting ability to feel calm, confident and in control in all study situations.

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7 Simple Steps - free guide - mini course

step by step instructions and ebook plus a meditation to put all the steps together.

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