Natural solutions for pain

This pain management programme is intended to be used as a complementary medical method of taking control of your level of pain through understand and addressing areas that cause exacerbation of symptoms, this may be stress, anxiety, frustration and “fighting” against it, as well as learning methods to reduce it.

This programme is particularly beneficial for those with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, migraines, irritable bowel or other digestive complaints and chronic conditions that cannot be "cured" but the impact they have on your emotional and physical self can be greatly lessened.

This course is not intended to be a replacement for medication or medical advice or your regular physical therapy. But if during the course of the programme you find that you feel it is appropriate to adjust your medication then this must always be done through your prescribing doctor.

Programme contents

Pre course assessment

This is your one to one assessment, during this session I will take a history of your pain but also significant life events and your day to day pressures, we will complete a full emotional awareness exercise which I will send you to complete before the session and we will discuss this further. I am looking at 3 key areas;

1. Your predisposition to be in pain i.e. medical conditions, genetics etc.

2. Precipitating events; what has occurred to trigger or exacerbate the situation you are now in.

3. What you are doing to maintain it; this is your thoughts, feelings and behaviours relating to your pain that are creating a negative impact on your physical and emotional health.

I will also introducing you to the concept of positivity journaling as this will accompany and support our work.

Week 1

You can't not do something by trying not to do it!

Understanding your pain, it's triggers and the effect it is having on your life, then most importantly how to break the cycles; Using CBT I will be teaching you how during the course we will be using our breath, body and imagination to manage or eliminate pain.

We will be looking at your areas of difficulties and challenges and setting realistic step by step goals​.

In this session we will be creating a positive anchor, this is an NLP technique that involves accessing the feelings and experience what we do want. We cannot not do something by trying not to do it, we need to do the something else instead. This puts you onto the path you want to go down, now we will need to work on keeping your there!

We will also begin our positivity journals which will continue through the course and beyond.​

Week 2

Breathing and visualisation 

Each week we will discuss the tasks that were set the previous week, discussing ways to deal with situations and challenges as they arise and of course look at our successes.

This week will be using the amazing power that is our breath, to quickly and easily exit the negative cycles while adding the use of visualisation, colour, images and sensations to lessen tension and pain.

The concept for this week is; if in doubt breathe out!

Week 3

Focussing on relaxation, you will begin to learn to tune in to your body and treat it with kindness and understanding. It is totally natural to tense into pain, the more tense we become the more pain we get, not just in intensity but in where in the body we experience it, you may for example have a backache but when you become tense you are likely to find an increase in headaches and shoulder pain or even digestive pain.

Relaxation is an invaluable skill to learn as it is the foundation to many of the other techniques we will be exploring.

Week 4

Addressing the challenges with desensitisation

Now we are more than half way through the programme you will no doubt have learnt that sometimes our cues or triggers that take us to that place of stress or pain can be very persuasive, in this session we will be using a powerful Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy technique to desensitise you to not only your triggers but the pain itself.

This technique and the provided recording can be used again and again on a variety of challenges for the present situation and any that come up in the future.

Week 5

Mindfulness and meditation​​​​​​

These are ancient methods of healing and relaxation but now they are rapidly becoming scientifically recognised as a way of changing the way our brain responds to stressors. The pain response is just one of many ways the body reacts to stress. Pain in itself is a stressor, so using these techniques is a simple and effective method of lessening both stress and pain.

When we are faced with a negative feeling we often try to fight it in the hope it will get rid of it. When we learn to let go of the fight with peace and without judgement, we have stepped into a caring nurturing environment, where we can listen and work with our body rather than against it.

To read more about mindfulness click here​

Week 6

Self care and some other great exercises

In this session we will be taking a holistic view on what else we can do to create a good and healthy environment for our body to heal and thrive.

This will be addressing some of the particular needs of the group as well as some more general advice that will help you to feel as physically fit and healthy as possible.

We will also be looking at loving kindness meditation and the use of a mantra to achieve acceptance in ourselves whatever state we are in at any one time.

To book this programme either on a one to one or group basis or if you have any questions then please contact me direct on 0794 777 6425 or 01202 959568 or by email [email protected]