Stress to Success

Online programmes, one to one and workshops

Take a look below at the 4 different options that my Stress to Success programme offers.

 Whatever your needs or your budget I have something that can help you.

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7 Simple Steps from Stress to success - £37.00+VAT

Introductory price

Full price 57.00 plus VAT

This is stress relief for everyone, techniques we can all easily put in to our daily lives to steer us down a calm, confident pathway. So whether you have deeper issues or would just like a nudge in the right direction this programme will help you.

This programme provides you with 7 simple techniques over 7 days, taking 5-10 minutes a day to watch and learn the techniques, but seconds when repeated throughout the day.  By the end of the week you will have learnt 7 easy ways to lessen stress and increase focus, confidence and self belief. To ensure these behaviours become habit, you can repeat each week for at least 4 weeks. Well why wouldn't you as you will notice early on that you are gaining greater pleasure and appreciation for both yourself and those around you.

What it includes; 7 video lessons, e-book, audio guided exercises and meditations and 2 hypnosis sessions.

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Stress to Success in 7 steps with hypnosis - £97.00 + VAT

introductory price

Full price £197.00 plus VAT

For longer term stress or anxiety issues this course incorporates the 7 simple steps programme but taken much slower as each step comes with a full hypnosis recording to create deeper healing and change. This course is most effective when done over 7 weeks not 7 days. This course also contains all the techniques of the above course for you to integrate into your daily activities so you won't feel the need to rush onto the next section, as you can spend time focussing on and enjoying the benefits of each step.

The Hypnotherapy sessions will not only address those deep seated unconscious thoughts, feeling and behaviours to make long term positive change. They will also give you extra day to day tools in the form of post hypnotic conditioned responses using anchors and affirmations to ensure you can have the right mind set whatever the situation or what you set out to achieve.

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BONUS OFFER for above 2 courses; Why not add an emotional awareness and action planning one to one session by Skype or in person to ensure you know exactly how to overcome your stress and anxiety.

NORMALLY £70 now only £50 until December 1st

Contact me on 0794 777 6425 to book

Stress to success group programme

£247.00 - contact me to book - introductory price 

Full price £347.00

This programme has all the benefits of the above courses, but with the added support of not only your personal one to one session to get you started, but a weekly livestream inside the exclusive stress to success facebook group.

It has been proven that in times of stress and struggle we benefit greatly from the support of others, and are much more likely to complete each step when we are part of a community...This can be your support and community.


The stress to success in 7 steps hypnosis programme.

A kick start one to one session by Skype or phone or facebook live.

exclusive access to The Stress to Success Facebook group.​

7 weeks of Facebook live group sessions with additional support and techniques

Full support through Facebook group

Please contact me direct to book this or for start dates and live session timings

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Stress to Success one to one programme

Cost £397 introductory price

full price £497.00

This programme gives you everything the group programme offers including the Hypnosis course, emotional awareness and action plan session, plus access to the Facebook group and livestream sessions but in this programme you get 7 one to one hour long sessions either in my office in Ferndown or on Skype or by phone.

This programme has the benefit of being a much more individualised programme where we will use a variety of additional techniques to not only overcome but to address the root cause of your difficulties. This will ensure you will not only feel happier, calmer, more confident and in control of your daily life but you will have the skills and resilience to change or manage any challenging situation from the past, present or future.

If you think this programme may be the answer for you then contact me direct as it also comes with an initial consultation to ensure suitability, so we both know we are comfortable working together and that my methods are suitable for you to get the outcome you desire.

To book this programme please contact me direct on;

0794 777 6425 / 01202 969568 or email at; [email protected]