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Previous clients Testimonials

I have bitten my nails since forever, literally til they bled! I've bitten off fake nails, used every type of anti-biting solutions then tried hypnotherapy. 1 year on I've still got long nails, every now and again I feel my nails in my mouth and remembering my anchor I automatically stop. To be able to point at something on a piece of paper without cringing that my nails look like they have been chewed by an animal is priceless. I honestly can say it's changed my life, no longer going to the nail salon on a weekly basis for a new set let alone the money I have saved!!!! Highly recommend going to see Alexa

ex nail biter   

Lovely lady, she made me feel relaxed in a comfortable atmosphere and surroundings


Although I am not OCD free, getting out of the house in 5 minutes rather than 25 is a BIG improvement,**
**it also means that I don’t have to leave the house at 6:15 to avoid traumas of locking up on own at 7:30

I can only put this improvement down to you.

The sessions were enjoyable, and I did feel mentally cleansed on their completion..

An OCD Sufferer   
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I have had several sessions with Alexa Warner and can highly recommend them. Very professional and really does make a difference to your life.


Alexa's approach is friendly, thorough, kind and she is excellent at what she does.
She has clearly mastered her craft and her techniques.


Thank God for Alexa!
Testimonial *I have been a client of Alexa's on and off for about two years now and I can say without exaggeration that she probably saved my life. I was so low following my fathers death, with issues at work and in my personal life that I didn't want to carry on. Alexa's cheerful and insightful manner helped me understand myself and what motivates me and showed me a new way of approaching my life and my problems. Happily I am in a much better place now but I still see Alexa when I need a reminder of where I was going wrong before! I think of her as a friend and a 'guardian angel' - a bit corny I know - but she is definitely someone very special who has overcome her own difficulties to do what she does now and I would recommend her to anyone.


Alexa is calm and reassuring, knows her stuff, and puts you at your ease. Be honest and open and Alexa will tailor the treatment to fit


I first visited Alexa at the beginning of 2016 after being diagnosed my by doctor with anxiety. He felt that a combination of medication and therapy would resolve my problems. I am not sure the medication helped but the therapy with Alexa worked wonders. Alexa is a very calm, personable and trustworthy therapist who is totally non-judgemental and was able to show me the way to 'park' the negatives and embrace the positives in my life. Following a number of sessions I am back to being me, for which I am so thankful. I still see Alexa from time to time to ensure that I don't fall back into the 'black hole' and remain calm, confident and in control. Thank you Alexa.

Satisfied client