What to expect when working with me

We are all succeeding!

Ok so it may not always feel like that, but believe me there will be things you are doing that are working well for you, and others that are not.

The focus of the work we do is to establish what situation you are in, to gain understanding of what is and isn't working for you, and why you are thinking, feeling or behaving in this way, then to work together to build new skills, new beliefs and new perspectives until you have all you need to succeed. 

Step 1

No obligation consultation;

You are offered the opportunity to meet me at my home office, by phone or Skype prior to deciding whether I offer the appropriate service for you to overcome your difficulties. This will give you the opportunity to share with me your situation and what you would like help with, and for me to explain how I would approach it.

You can alternatively jump straight to step 2...

Click here to request a no obligation consultation

Step 2

Let's get this problem sorted - Start your journey with a breakthrough session.

During this session we will really get to know you, not just what has been happening but what what your dreams and desires are, what gets you excited and what gets you running for the hills! You may find you don't know yourself as well as you thought!

We also establish exactly what is happening and why, through a variety of diagnostic assessments and questioning, we will both gain clarity on what you need to be able to do to overcome the situation that is causing you the problem. But most importantly we will then begin doing what you need to do to straight away feel calm and confident as you tackle this head on.

In this session we will decide the best way forward, how much assistance you need to get the outcome you desire.

The work doesn't end here as you will be given tasks to practice over the coming days including any hypnosis recordings for continued support.

A half day is scheduled out for this session and they take place in my Colehill office.

Breakthrough sessions are priced at £345.00 for a half day and include a follow up session

Call 0794 777 6425 to book

Step 3

How quickly do you want this problem solved?

A bespoke programme following a proven methodology;

We are all unique and learn in our own time, some will have the time and motivation to work independently but for many this means just not getting the job done.

Others will want to work at it intensely for a month or even just a week to get their problem resolved, in which case you may choose to have me there supporting you every step of the way so you can be sure to get the job done.

Maybe you are someone who feels uncomfortable with sudden change and prefer to work at a slower, methodical pace to get more clarity and confidence in your decisions as you make gradual changes. In which case you will be more suited to a 3 or 6 month programme.

Whatever suits you best I adapt the package to suit you and your lifestyle, all programmes follow a scientific and evidence based process for emotional and physical healing. Whether you wish to work with me over a one week or 6 month time frame,  beyond our sessions you are assisted on your journey with a variety of resources including a journal and workbook, MP3 recordings and where appropriate online access to video exercises and learning, so you will never be alone.

Package pricing and terms and conditions are discussed after the breakthrough session when we have establish what you require to ensure you achieve the outcome you desire.